Our new seeds significantly
increase oil palm yields.
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Significantly higher yield from our
F1 Hybrid seeds is a sustainability game-changer.
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The Verdant Plantation Science Centre is at
the cutting-edge of plant breeding technology.
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Verdant - Driven by Science

Verdant Bioscience’s ultimate objectives are to deliver field proven oil palm F1 Hybrid varieties, and to develop supporting breeding technologies – none of which involve genetic modification – in order to achieve significant yield increases for partner plantations worldwide, and deliver a much higher return on investment for our clients.

High Yielding Seeds

Producing the highest yielding oil palm seeds for different environments.

Plantation Services & Solutions

Applying our “know-how” to help partner plantations optimise their output.

Why Verdant?

Plant breeding is our only business. With 50 years of plant breeding history, our cutting edge technology can deliver the key need of the future: higher sustainable yields and far greater profitability for Verdant partners.

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