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Verdant Bioscience was founded in 2013 with ultimate objectives of delivering oil palm F1 hybrid varieties and developing other supporting technologies that underpin significant yield increases and productivity enhancements for eligible plantation partners world-wide.

Significantly higher yield per hectare per year is the single most advantageous profit and sustainability criterion facing the global oil palm industry. Higher yield will reduce unit production costs whilst also taking pressure off the need for further deforestation and biodiversity destruction; food supply will also increase.

Verdant Bioscience Pte Ltd is head-quartered in Singapore and has PT Timbang Deli Indonesia as its operating plantation subsidiary in Indonesia. Its plantation rubber operations employ a full complement of staff and workers, while the scientific initiatives and plant breeding activities now employ 18 highly trained graduate / post graduate staff. The oil palm breeding programme being developed at Timbang Deli Estate uses both highly selected parental lines and genetically diverse breeding material from NBPOL’s Dami Oil Palm Research Station in Papua New Guinea. A Plantation Science Centre is also being developed with an oil palm seed production facility which will germinate seed for Dami’s Indonesian customers.

Investors in Verdant Bioscience Pte Ltd and PT Timbang Deli Indonesia include New Britain Palm Oil (Papua New Guinea), SIPEF (Belgium), and Dana Pensiun Mandiri Dua (Indonesia).

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